Why Anti-bullying matters

It is quiet for the last few moments. The two only sounds one can hear are the clock ticking and the old refrigerator working its best towards survival. I am all alone in my parents’ house. In a couple of days, I’ll hit the road to reach the capital once again.

I am sitting by the window enjoying the view of the snow blizzard. The mountain of Lepetymnos cannot be seen, with the fog and snow trying to swallow it. It has only been twelve days since the New Year came. This January seems to be a very cold one.

The cause I mumble upon the keyboard is the need of finally writing something – even if it is (like this) in the form of a ‘dear diary’.  However, the real reason of doing this, is because I’ve missed writing. After my laptop update, I have lost some of my most recent pieces in Greek, some sort stories inspired by myself and others, so now i have no writing proof of the past two years. At least it’s a start, right?

Finally, the day has arrived. The creation of my blog, which I have wanted for two years. Two years exactly. It was that January before I set on an adventure of living abroad.

Right now, I would like to dedicate this first blog post to the memory of David (not the real name), the Italian 15y old student, who was lead to commit suicide. The boy had repeatedly been bullied at school and on facebook, apparently because of his sexual orientation. It is sad how a remarkable portion of people, instead of fighting homophobia, they promote their perceptions full of stereotypes and hate to their families and friends. How can society move forward when we all can’t seem to accept the fact that each of us is different and unique but in the end we are all children of this universe? And how can I change that?? Either it is my skin, my nationality, my sexual orientation, why should I be dealt badly, or be undervalued by you? Why are you looking at me with this hate?

I believe in an anti- bullying, anti- homophobic society. Yesterday it was David, today it is you and tomorrow can be your kid. We can destroy the stereotypes, only by allowing our inner selves to embrace the fact that we are all different, we are all the same!

Here you will find the supportive anti-bullying facebook page.

Till the next post,

Be yourself, but be better.



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