“Once Erasmus, Always Erasmus!”

Last night, i found myself among drunken looks, crazy dancing moves and chats in many different languages.
Yes, i was at an Erasmus Party!

For all of you, who are not familiar with the concept: Erasmus (now under the name Erasmus+), is a european mobility program. It allows students from different EU countries to study abroad from 3 -12 months, choosing between various universities, according to their studies. Erasmus+ also includes several mobility programs: working abroad on a internship/traineeship, offering voluntary work, attending several training courses concerning different topics, studies on master/phD level, etc.

While studying towards my bachelor’s degree, i decided i was in need of a change. After a marathon of phonecalls with my teacher, who was in charge of the Erasmus studies program and a lot of paperwork, i received a mail that i was accepted as an Erasmus student in Vilnius, Lithuania.

10 days from now, will mark 2 years of my departure to the unknown.

Rachel as an Erasmus student in Lithuania

A picture taken during my first days in Vilnius, editing by Mov’in Europe.

Last night was a small reminder of my time as an Erasmus student. After 5 months of living in Lithuania, i experienced sooo much in such a short period; i consider myself a lucky person. I left with the fear of unknown and returned with a bag full of dreams and hopes. I met so many beautiful people, some of which didn’t even manage to play an important role in my life, but even so, i am happy i experienced it just the way it was, because anyone and everyone, made the difference in having the best time of my life.

The friends i made, the new places i’ve seen, all the fun & noise & parties & smiles……ahhh; undoubtedly an experience of a lifetime. So many beautiful memories!

And here i was again, 2 years later, among new students from around Europe, starting their own adventure in the Greek capital. I danced, i laughed, i talked to strangers, but . . damn it wasn’t the same. I got so nostalgic. It was my people missing. My friends. And the place; Vilnius. But seeing all those people, feeling the multicultural atmosphere, made me realize how much i had missed them; how much i had miss my life there and how badly i would like a new opportunity to move abroad!

And it might all be in the past now, but Erasmus indeed opens a new way across life. Once you go, you can never return the same. Everything looks the same, but feels differently. It is like a revelation. You will never be the same again. . . 

To anyone who is interested in participating, feel free to ask your questions below; i will be more than happy to help you. Erasmus is the most magical period of your life. Challenge yourself, overcome your fear of unknown, follow a new adventure that might lead to a world you have never imagined of; a world full of dreams! Myself, i am already about to set off to a new adventure in Paris! More details soon. 😉

Erasmus – Opening Minds, Changing Lives,



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