Liebster Award

Liebster Award

Rachel’s Caravan First Blog Award

I think Santa came earlier this year! Rachel’s Caravan has been nominated for the Liebster Award by fellow bloggers Patricia & Bruno from Ze Wandering Frogs. I am SUPER excited. Thank you so much guys!

I keep staring at my laptop’s screen. This undoubtedly caught me by surprise. I was aware of the award but never actually thought I am a qualified travel blogger to deserve it. I guess now it is official. I am part of the vast blogging community! Yay! 🙂

A few words about the Liebster Award

The Liebster Award is a symbol of appreciation among Travel Bloggers. It is nominated from bloggers to bloggers in an attempt to encourage newbies (just like me!) to commit to their dreams and actually write what they care about. Isn’t cool to know that someone besides your friend or mum reads your thoughts? That’s what Liebster Award is all about. Motivating you to take that step further.

And I have to admit, for me this came right on time (More on that later).

According to the rules, since I have accepted the honor of being awarded, I now have to write the followings in this post:

• Thank the blogger who nominated me and link back to his/her blog
• Answer questions they asked me
• Nominate other bloggers with less than 500 (or 1000 depending on the rules) followers
• Ask my nominees 11 questions
• Contact the bloggers and let them know about the nomination.

My Liebster Award Answers:

1) Why did you start blogging?

I started my blog one cold afternoon, with the single intent of having my thoughts into a writing form; a digital journal. I have been writing (in a more literature tone) since I can remember myself, so it felt quite natural. As the months came by, I realized I wanted to focus on the things I really love: Travel, Arts & Literature. I am still in the process of figuring out how to combine these 3 loves of mine.

2) What is the story behind your blog title?

According to Merriam – Webster Dictionary, the Full Definition of Caravan is:
1. a : a company of travelers on a journey through desert or hostile regions; also : a train of pack animals .

Firstly, I was getting very tired of seeing the words ‘nomad’ or ‘nomadic’ everywhere. I really wanted a name that would reflect who I am honestly & authentically. As mentioned before, the initial intention behind Rachel’s Caravan is being a digital roof to creative thinkers, adventurers & free spirited likeminded fellows who are interested in these 3 worlds (Caravans) as much as I am. Additionally, there’s another artsy explanation on why I chose that name, but I’d rather keep that to myself at the moment.

Rachel's Caravan Portugal

In Lisbon, Portugal.

3) How has your experience blogging been so far? Likes & dislikes?

Stepping into the blogging world, made me realize that it surely isn’t a piece of cake. Once you have overcome the initial technical part, creating actual content can be tricky; “Is this the right writing tone? Is my blog post too long? Is that picture ideal to feature with? Is that a catchy title?” And the list goes on. I figure out promoting can be harsh too: Being a marketing graduate myself I have experience in the whole digital promoting part, but at times I find it frustrating, as I realize lots of blog posts I read tend to insert a more promoting tone rather than presenting the actual authentic writing style of the author. Of course, this is part of the blogging monetization, which as I travel blogger newbie is not yet on my concerns. And I think it is great to get paid to write and live independently, but as far as I am concerned, I try to blend my style with a few marketing tricks, without losing my original voice.
Now to the opposite side, being part of the travel community is fun & useful. I enjoy reading travel tips, guides & experiences, connect with other fellow travellers, learn more about blogging, explore new places, meet locals and above all give my advice to travellers around the world and hopefully inspire them to discover more of the beauty of this planet.

4) What is your best blog to date and why? (add link)

I have been following tons of travel blogs, from established to new, from ultimate luxury focused to budget ones and I have to admit, I read new interesting posts on a daily basis. Therefore, it is surely difficult to just pick one. However, I will mention a blog I have been following for a while: Dream Travel Live. I enjoy reading tips & experiences from Elpis & Dora, as they are budget travellers (just as myself), who focus on volunteering around the world and it is surely a nice blog to look up to.

5) Are you a full-time… blogger, traveler or employee who dreams of traveling full time?

Well, i am caught in a weird transition phase. I am currently unemployed based in Greece, but I had been working full time in the marketing field to support my travels. I am not sure whether I would like to work full-time as a travel blogger just yet, but truth is who doesn’t dream of endless travels?!

6) What is your preferred setting for blogging? On the sofa by the fireplace? On the kitchen table with papers spread around? At an internet cafe in a busy downtown? Or in a guest house deep in the jungle?

Writing is usually a long process for me: write, edit, find & edit the right images, post. It takes much time, therefore I prefer places where I feel comfortable and focused, without distractions. Usually, my desk is my nest, but occasionally I have written during trips (in airports, boat vessels, etc).

7) What is your most precious blogging equipment (besides a laptop) or app?

This may sound ridiculous, but a paper and a pen. I am an old-fashioned person and I worship anything old. I hate typing. I love the intimacy of holding a pen & fill a white paper with ideas. I feel like ink spots in my hands reflect my work and I love that.

8) What is your working drink? Coffee, tea or something stronger?

My body is caffeine intolerant, so I am one of those few people in this planet, who don’t drink coffee. Or any other super caffeine drink. However, when writing, I usually enjoy green tea or other herbal beverages (huge fan!) or a beer (or two!) that make me really productive :p

9) Where would you live if you had the option to be anywhere in the world?

My ideal way of living would be to change my location every few months, to really experience each place’s culture. I am an urban girl with love for big cities and warm climates. So, if I were to settle down, I would probably choose the USA; either NYC or LA for their massive art scene, culture & intensity.

10) What is your next big adventure?

Although, travel planning is of big importance, (especially if you are on a budget), personally I HATE plans. That is why, I always plan my travels the very last minute. For 2016, I’m thinking of going on a backpacking trip to SE Asia or travelling to the US for the first time. Hopefully! Who knows, what’s next?

Rachel's Caravan Paris

During my week in magical Paris.

11) Any advice for new bloggers?

Write and read as much as possible! Try to find your niche, your own interest in travel and get really good at it! And above all, stay authentic.

New Nominated Bloggers

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LeeAnne from RunAdventurouslee

My Liebster Award Questions

1) What made you decide to start blogging?
2) Who was the first blogger to inspire you?
3) Which were your best & worst experiences while travelling?
4) Which piece of travel equipment / gadget can’t travel without?
5) Where was your best culinary experience?
6) Do you prefer travelling solo, with your significant other or friends and why?
7) If money was not an issue, were would you like to live long-term and why?
8) What do you dislike about travel blogging?
9) Where is the most weird / funny place you had to spend the night while travelling?
10) Have you volunteered or thought of volunteering? If yes, share your experience.
11) Have you ever been / lived to / in a country which had a great cultural gap from your home country?

Can’t wait to read your answers!

Thanks again Ze Wandering Frogs for the nomination.

Till the next post,

Keep Travelling, Keep Dreaming